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Security Services

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Security Assistance

Security assistance services are available 24 hours a day offering current pre-trip security information and analysis. International SOS is continually monitoring events around the world and planning contingencies to respond to uncontrollable incidents.  When an emergency occurs, International SOS is alerted to coordinate and perform all necessary action.  

The services are designed to provide timely information and analysis and emergency assistance in the event of civil or political unrest globally.  They provide a unique resource for your organization in the field of international security.

Travel Security Information

Your organization will have 24-hour access to security personnel of the Regional Security Centers to obtain up-to-date security and safety information.

Evacuation Assistance and Coordination

When the development of a threatening emergency situation significantly increases the risk to members in an area, International SOS will commence arrangements for the immediate evacuation of members.  International SOS will use resources at its disposal to accomplish the mission including scheduled airlines and/or private aircraft, as well as ground and sea transportation.

To the maximum possible extent, all decisions regarding an evacuation will be made by International SOS in consultation with your home-based management.  Consultation with interested governments, international organizations and groups, with members in the area will also be sought. International SOS will maintain contact with members in the country or region of concern to analyze any and all situations where evacuation may ultimately be required.

If the situation is considered to be temporary, evacuations will be made to the nearest safe haven that will accept the members. Alternatively, if the situation is projected to be longer in duration, International SOS will provide transportation to the home country.

International SOS Crisis Center

In the event of a developing emergency, International SOS analysts will determine the need for establishing a Crisis Center.  According to the severity of a situation, International SOS will use all facilities at its disposal to set up a Crisis Center in the country or region of concern.  International SOS will decide when and where Crisis Centers need to be established and what resources can be utilized.

Customized Evacuation Contingency Planning

Your organization may commission International SOS to perform special on-site Evacuation Contingency Security Surveys. Using our own staff, we will consult with local management to develop a customized report specific to a country operation and a contingency plan to deal with security situations.  The plan will provide basic guidance to your organization’s personnel based in the country, and will outline the International SOS evacuation plan and the International SOS resources that would assist your organization in the event personal safety could no longer be assured and a safe evacuation could be reasonably guaranteed.  Additional fees for this service may apply.