International SOS

International SOS provides medical assistance, medical evacuations, and travel assistance as well as assistance for security, political or natural disasters.

Do I need to activate my membership?

No, your membership is already active. Simply carry the card in your wallet at all times while traveling. Whenever you need service, contact one of the emergency phone numbers listed on the back of the card. You do not need to report specific trip dates to International SOS each time you travel. However, we recommend you enter your travel itinerary flights and hotels in the Personal Travel Locator so that you can be located in the event of an emergency.

What if I have pre-trip questions about my travel destination?

In addition to calling the Alarm Center for any pre-trip questions you may have, you can access Country Guide and Security Online reports from this website:

Use the membership number located on your membership card as your member login.

What do I need to do to use the program?

In order to utilize any of the medical, travel, or security services listed under Program Benefits, contact any International SOS Alarm Center from anywhere in the world by calling directly, calling collect or calling the toll-free number.

Call toll-free from the U.S. or Canada: 800-407-7307

Call collect from anywhere in the world: 603-898-9159

Can I arrange my own evacuation?

No, International SOS must be contacted in advance to arrange and approve the emergency evacuation. The service is not available for self activation or self organization or by claim for subsequent reimbursement by International SOS. Should a member arrange their own evacuation, International SOS will not cover the cost.

How does it work?

Carry the International SOS membership card with you at all times. It includes the telephone numbers of the three major worldwide International SOS Alarm Centers. In the event of an emergency, call one of the emergency phone numbers listed on the card.

What is the role of International SOS?

International SOS provides travelers with worldwide quality health care and emergency assistance services 24 hours a day.

How can International SOS help?

International SOS provides you with peace of mind. A phone call connects you to the International SOS network of multilingual specialists for immediate help in an emergency. International SOS services are designed to help you with medical, personal, travel, security and legal problems when away from home. Call International SOS at any time to speak with a physician or security specialist about simple or critical matters.